Monday, July 5, 2010

No one knows about Persian cats, do they?

I remember my mother has five or more, maybe ten, Persian carpets. They have been carefully stocked up somewhere inside our stockroom where maybe-useful-in-the-future-items or so as my mother would always says about those abandoned chairs, big pots, books, are kept. They are beautiful, those Persian carpets.

Carpet is not the only thing beautiful comes from Persia, or Iran. They also have music, and not only the one with Rebana, I used to practice them when I was a little girl. They have Indie-rock, jazz, heavy metal, and even rap! And in this movie, we could see (and hear) those Arctic Monkey-ish sound played by some young Iranian who live a free but fearful life.

Music is easy yet so complicated here in Iran, a country in which a girl is prohibited to sing alone in public or where you can get arrested by simply playing some guitars and drums. Music, if it is not fit in the society norms, is a crime.

You want underground? this is the real deal here in Iran. You would see how this young Iranian struggle for their music, music by their own definition, not by law, not by society, not by government.


p.s. i can't believe you can't be seen with a dog in public in Iran or else everybody can stop your car and throw your dog away just like that! awww... breaks my heart.

p.s. the director, Bahman Ghobadhi, made another very very very nice movie, Turtle Can Fly, you might want to check it out also.

p.s. they can't have party in Iran, or else they might end up in jail, or hospital, or cemetery.