Wednesday, June 2, 2010


hi there faceless ones
so, i know that this blog will never ever be a fashion blog whatsoever because obviously i know nothing about fashion. i mean, i love do shopping in... thrift stores! haha. how fashionable is that?

anyway, i love the excitements and surprises i got from these used-clothes stores, from time to time i found some nice nice items which only cost me 10.000 - 30.000 idr. haha!

one of my latest findings is this keffiyeh blazer, whoa, it's like one of a kind item!

keffiyeh blazer : thrift store
john lennon imagine t-shirt : thrift store
lace legging : local store (i got this for free by the way, because it has a tiny tiny hole)
shoes : local store(i also got this one for free)
bag : vintage (my mom's)

Oh my! my first ever look on this blog, and i post some all-free and thrifted outfits! shame on me. sorry, next time better, promise.

so, have a great first week in June, salam!