Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miss Diana and Mr. Fujica

you know how boys typically get obsessed with their hobbies...

so here's the thing, my boyfriend used to be obsessed with Sonic Youth, Koil, Weezer, Yeahyeahyeahs, etc.
and then he changed his mind, all he ever wanted was to be a papercrafter
and for sometimes, he did some collages
the other time, he was drowned in writing poems and prose and some craps
and he also went through japan-o-gaga-ramalamadingdong obsession
well, this list can go forever

last year, i took photography class, and i learned some basic in photography, and voila! he had a new hobby! he bought this toycam, Diana F+, and next thing i know we were on the street, wandering with his brand new camera and Fujica MPX 105, took pictures, and had so muuuchoooosss fuuuunnnooosss

unfortunately, we are selling the camera right now, Diana F+, because i'm dying to have SLR, and i need some more moneyhoney. i hope somebody somewhere meant to be together with this darling Diana.

here are some images taken with Miss Diana

taken by meehee

taken by him

taken by him

taken by him

and for Mr. Fujica i said previously

taken by meeheee

look, he's just a little boy trapped in an old and weary body. haha.